Having Fun! at Waterfalls in the Caribbean

Can You Do This?

I don't think anybody can resist a waterfall, and the falls in the Caribbean are a very popular family-friendly adventure. The water is usually refreshingly cool instead of freezing cold, and some of the falls offer other attractions to add to the fun!

Not every Caribbean island has waterfalls, however. You won't find natural waterfalls (as opposed to swimming pools with waterfalls) on St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, St Maarten/St Martin, Aruba, Bonaire, St Bart's, Anguilla, Antigua (except during heavy rain periods, St John, US Virgin Islands (except during heavy rain periods), the BVIs, Montserrat (except during rainy season), Curacao (except during heavy rains) or the Cayman Islands. Fortunately, their strikingly beautiful beaches help make up for the lack of rushing, cascading water!

Keep in mind that waterfalls seldom connect to gorgeous beaches. Rivers and streams that create waterfalls seldom empty into the sea. One exception that I know of is Jamaica's Dunn's River Falls. Here's a photo of the beach near the falls. [insert Dunn's Beach photo]. That's just one of the features that makes Dunn's River Falls such a popular attraction. You can learn more about Dunn's River Falls here.

Many of the waterfalls are only accessible by foot, so you often have to hike to the fall. The remoteness makes the falls even more magical, and depending on how far you had to hike, nothing is more refreshing than the fresh, slightly chilled water massaging your sweaty, hot skin. I can hear you saying, "ahhhhh!"

Cuba has the Caribbean's highest waterfall "Salto Fino waterfall
Salto Fino waterfall is the highest waterfall in the Caribbean, located in Cuba's north-eastern municipality of Guantanamo, is produced by a sudden drop in the Arroyo del Infierno (Hell's stream), a tributary of the Quibijan River. That river, along with 71 others, flows into the Toa, which is the largest river in Cuba. The 305-meter-high Salto Fino waterfall is recorded as the 20th highest water chute in the world.

Though waterfalls are captivating in person because of the surrounding landscape, the sound of the rushing water, and just being there, my waterfall photos usually don't capture the real essence of the waterfall, sigh. Even to me, my photos look boring. See?

Since I want my website to excite visitors considering a Caribbean vacation, I need to learn how to take better waterfall photos. So I Googled and found these sites that offer specific tips for photographing waterfalls. Ready? Learn! Set! Shoot!



Be sure to read through the tips on those sites so you can be ready when you visit the following islands with constant, beautiful waterfalls!

Islands with constant waterfalls

St Vincent



St Lucia

Puerto Rico



St Kitts




Dominican Republic